LEVEL 2 Reader: Big Cats, and other stories (V3I6L2)

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

Big Cats: Meet the big cats of India.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Environment – Compare and contrast India’s biggest cats with each other and with cats you see around you. Learn about camouflage.

Teeth are for Biting: Your teeth.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: The Human Body – Learn about your teeth and how to take care of them. Students observe and learn about the different types of teeth in their mouths. Students understand that different animals have different kinds of teeth. Learn about the parts of a tooth.

Let’s Celebrate: Celebrate some of India’s many festivals.
CURRICULUM CONNECTION: Culture – Learn how families celebrate festivals in different parts of India. Explore how each festival is celebrated in a unique way and has regional significance.

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