LEVEL 2 Reader: Meet the Red Panda, and other stories (V2I6L2)

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

Meet the Red Panda: Find out what is harming red pandas.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Animals – Learn about the characteristics and behaviour of the red panda. Students also become aware of why the red panda is considered endangered.

Bones Hold You Up: Explore the bones that make up your skeleton.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: The Human Body – Students learn about the human skeletal system. They learn the names of a few of our major bones, and identify some of the joints of a skeleton.

What is Different: Learn how scientists classify.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: The Universe – Students are taught to think logically as they analyse images. They learn the meaning of “same” and “different”. In EVS the student is introduced to two animals not commonly seen, and they describe the different physical characteristics.

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