LEVEL 4 Reader: Eyes in the Sky, and other stories (V2I5L4)

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

Eyes in the Sky:
Blast into space to study how Earth is changing.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Space Science – Learn how satellite photos help solve environmental problems. The role satellites play in predicting major storms, growing better food and understanding the extent of human impact on the planet in terms of pollution, deforestation and climate change. Students are taught how to appreciate the complexity, history and beauty of Earth as they learn about various natural features in India and the world that have been shot using satellite cameras.

Fascinating Flowers: Journey to the Valley of Flowers to see how flowers pollinate.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Flowers, Plants & Pollination – Learn how plants attract animal pollinators. Learn about the process of pollination and the life cycle of a plant.

Saving Snakes: Join herpetologist, Rom Whitaker, and author & filmmaker, Janaki Lenin, as they save some of India’s deadliest snakes.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Protection of Endangered Animals – Learn about the king cobra and other snakes of India.

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