LEVEL 2 Reader: What’s New?, and other stories (V2I4L2)

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

What’s New?:
Scientists are finding new kinds of plants and animals.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Scientific Discoveries – Students are introduced to plants and animals that scientists saw for the first time. Go on a safari to discover new animal species.

The Heat is On: See how rising temperatures are changing India.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Weather & Climate – Pack your bag for a trip around the world to visit some extreme climates. Learn about climate change and how it affects life in different parts of India. Also learn about some animals in India whose habitats and lives are being negatively affected by the increasing heat.

Dig Into Caves: Explore what is inside some of India’s caves.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Earth Science & Erosion – Explore some of India’s deepest caves. Also learn about two different properties of water and the ability of water to change from one state to another and dissolve many substances. Students then connect these specific properties of water to the formation of limestone caves. They also learn about the water cycle and explore the properties of different kinds of rocks.

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