LEVEL 2 Reader: I Can’t See You, and other stories (V2I3L2)

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

Knock, Knock!:
Travel the world to visit different kinds of houses.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Culture & Shelters, the Environment – Learn how different houses around the world are suited to a variety of environments. Learn about the materials and measurements used to build these houses. How to survey your neighbourhood and draw a map.

I Can’t See You: Look at animals you can see through.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Variety of Animals – You can see through some animals’ skins. Find out what they look like on the inside. Learn about these unique animals, like the barreleye fish, the glass frog, and the glasswing butterfly, and how they benefit from having transparent body parts.

Drawing Change: Rohan Chakravarty draws to protect the environment.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Art & Conservation – See how cartoons can save animals. Address the use of plastic and plastic pollution. Create your own cartoons to send your message.

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