Vol 2 Issue 1 Level 2

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

Explore the World of Plants:
Learn what a plant is.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Plants & Ecosystems – Learn about all the parts of a plant. Learn the difference between living and nonliving things and what plants need to live.

Achoo!: Find out how to protect yourself from germs.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: The Human Body – Learn about germs that try to invade your body. What makes you sneeze?

Women Climb Mountains: Discover what mountains are. Join Premlata Agrawal, as she becomes the first woman to climb the seven summits.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Landforms – Learn about types of rocks and natural features. Learn about the Himalayas and Mt. Everest, and other landforms like rivers, lakes and valleys.

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