LEVEL 4 Reader: Stories in Stones, and other stories (V1I6L4)

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Engage Nonfiction Reader
32pp | Fully illustrated | Includes Downloadable Activities

Stories in Stones: Visit India’s ancient stone structures to see some of the oldest art in the world.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Learn how ancient people built amazing stone structures that were used as their shelters. These structures are monuments to art, science, math and survival. Also learn how art played an important role in their lives to help tell stories about their daily lives and also to help them record history.

Blood Suckers!: Meet some of the weirdest animals and how they transfer energy.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Animals have specific adaptations that allow them to get energy. These adaptations help them attack prey and also protect themselves from being attacked. Most animals get energy by eating plants or other animals. A few animals get their energy by eating blood. Learn about these animals.

Violent Volcanoes: Learn how volcanoes form and erupt.
CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Learn how volcanoes are natural features that form as part of processes that take place inside Earth and on Earth’s surface. Learn about the different kinds of volcanoes.

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